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What's at the Park


Day Use Area

A paved drive and parking area brings visitors next to Mildred's house, a picnic area and public restrooms. The house was originally built about 1865. The house was never significantly remodeled. It never had a bathroom, and water and electricity were added when the house was about 100 years old. Mildred's grave is next to the yard.

Fishing at Pond
Youngster enjoying a day fishing at Mildred Kanipe Park

Two large barns, the Horse Barn and the Dairy Barn (demolished in 2011), and a smaller Sheep Barn are to the north of the house. A buggy shed houses Mildred's restored buggy.

Next to the old fruit & nut orchard an old equipment shed houses many of the old farm machinery used by Mildred and her family.

On the east side of the creek and south of the day use area is a pond.

In 2008 this site was included on the National Registry of Historic Places and named Baimbridge-Kanipe Farmstead National Historic District.

At the beginning of 2010, a nature trail was constructed to the north of the old barns. It winds around native plants and along the creek bed.


Equestrian Trails

Equestrian Pavillion
Equestrian Parking next to Pavillion

Mildred Kanipe Park offers wonderful day-riding and hiking opportunities. It is a popular riding area for equestrians from all over the state. A separate entrance on Elkhead Road leads to an open area for trailer and car parking next to a 24' x 24' pavillion and a public restroom. Numerous marked loop trails allow riders, and hikers alike, to explore old growth Douglas fir forests, oak savannahs, and sunlit meadows.The forested hilltops provide expansive views, deer pop out of the brush unexpectantly, and wild flowers bloom in season.



Southwest from the equestrian pavillion is our campground. 15 equestrian campsites with corrals, and 5 non-horse sites are available. Reservations can be made at Douglas County Website.


Underwood House 1990
Underwood House 1990

Underwood Homesite

Walking southwest from the equestrian pavillion, and into the campground area, is the fenced area that the Underwood house once stood. Only some foundation bricks remain. The large Underwood barn still stands.





Colorful Peacock
2005 - Prior to Friends beginning restoration

English Settlement School


A trail crossing open hillside meadows leads to the old school at the most southeast corner of the park.

Colorful Peacock
2019 - Building showing resorations thru 2019

Over the last several years the school has been painted, had foundation replaced, windows and roof replaced, interior painted and exterior wall openings sealed and a temporary back door/steps installed.  These efforts (Friends) have been  funded with donations and several grants. 

Goal is to have the building restored to the point where events could be held in it. 






Buildings lost

Click here to see buildings no longer in the park>>



Numerous birds and deer can be found at the park. Click here for 2005 Bird List.



The park has varies ecological areas - riparian, oak woodland, douglas fir forests. Recent stream improvements have been done to slow down Bachelor Creek reducing erosion and creating salmon habitat. Like all areas in Douglas County, we are fighting against the invasion of invasive species. One will find areas with the Hawthorn plants have been cut out, along with areas where the Hawthorn is sadly predominant.

Click here for USFW 2006 Plant List