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So no matter how you enjoy this park (hiking, horseback riding, biking, picnicking or just plain relaxing)…help us meet the goal!   Let’s preserve this park for generations to come and make it better every year!


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For those of you wanting to learn more about this effort…read on!

Last year a group of individuals representing multiple user groups put together a Park Plan.  One of the items in this plan was to construct a 20-site equestrian and non-equestrian campground.  Unfortunately, logging was the method being seriously considered to fund the construction. 

The Friends in conjunction with many others, felt this was not in the best interests of the public nor the park and that there were alternatives.  After many months of meetings, discussions and letter writing, on January 29th, The Friends and The County Commissioners have entered into an agreement to allow contributions and donations to be collected and used to fund the proposed campgrounds. The County will defer clearcutting in Mildred Kanipe Park until other options are exhausted.

The county will contribute half of the $130,000 estimated costs if The Friends can collect the other half by July 31, 2014. This is a great opportunity for collaborative efforts from all interested parties to show their support for the park and to, at best, indefinitely prevent logging, or at least delay any logging in the park.

These campgrounds will be a key source of revenue to Mildred Kanipe Memorial Park.  The County Commissioners have mandated that the park be self-sufficient.  While funds do come into this park via a grazing lease, special events and soon to be installed donation boxes, the park is finding it necessary to dip into the trust funds every year.  The campgrounds are estimated to bring the park into the black and thereby put on hold, hopefully indefinitely, any major logging efforts.

Follow this link to see the final approved agreement between the County Commissioners and The Friends of Mildred Kanipe Memorial Park Association, Inc. 


Still want to know more about how this all came about? Read on...

In 1983, Mildred Kanipe willed her 1,100 acre ranch northwest of the town of Oakland to the people of Douglas County.  She set up a trust fund for management and sustainability of the property. Mildred’s will included a statement regarding logging: should be done “only as necessary,” and that all monies earned from the park must stay in the park. Over the next 30 years the money dwindled, and in 2012 the trust was dissolved. Douglas County became the sole owner and manager.

During the years, the County was only able to fund minimal operation of Kanipe. Historic buildings deteriorated and invasive plant species began to run rampant. Logging the forests has been proposed before by the County. But it was deterred by terms of the will and opposition of citizens. In 2005, Lois Eagleton formed the Friend’s group and obtained 501c3 (non-profit) status.  Many projects like restoration of the old schoolhouse, acquiring national historic status, building of a nature trail and horse trails, restoration of the oak savannah and cutting of invasive brush, were achieved by or with other groups and individuals such as Oregon Equestrian Trails and Douglas Soil and Water Conservation District.

Upon dissolution of the trust in 2012, the County again began planning to log Kanipe; this time on 20 acres in the northwest corner. The money from the sale of this timber was to go toward building both equestrian and non-equestrian campsites. Both the County and a Kanipe Planning Committee of citizens  considered this as a major way to financial self-sustainability—a mandate of the Douglas County Commissioners for all the parks (though Kanipe is the first to have to do this). Over the six months the Committee met, it became clear that the County believed only clear-cut (sustained yield) logging would provide the needed revenue of $130,000. The message was that Kanipe might have to close if any other course of action was chosen. At one point, 80% of the Committee voted “yes” and the clear-cut recommendation was passed on to the Park Advisory Board.

A few of the Committee members disagreed. One designed an alternative using grants and contributions to pay for campsites. It took much persistence and public support to even have it listened to, and there were many discouraging setbacks. The Parks Advisory Committee finally recommended logging to the Commissioners, a crushing decision. Yet, an alarmed citizenry again protested, bombarding the Commissioners with mail, personal visits, newspaper articles, letters to the editor, and phone calls. Commissioner Doug Robertson then took the lead, and brokered an agreement with the Friends of Mildred Kanipe Park to grant them until July 31, 2014 to raise $65,000 for the campground construction; the County would then match this with $65,000, from the remaining trust funds. The agreement was signed on January 29, 2014.

The Friends of Mildred Kanipe Memorial Park Association, Inc., in a little less than 12 weeks has reached its fund raising goal of $65,000 to help build an equestrian and non-equestrian campground project in the Park. We have been so encouraged as groups who love the Park has worked together in cooperation toward common goals.


The Whipple Foundation Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation has funded a grant in the amount of $10,000 to Friends of Mildred Kanipe Memorial Park to help build the campground project in Mildred Kanipe Park.

“We are thrilled to receive this very generous gift bringing what Friends of Mildred Kanipe has raised to $57,026 in the bank,” said Karen Roberson, Founding Board Member, adding, “We are also very grateful to the Whipple Foundation Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation for their generosity and their leadership in a project that has had the terrific result of pulling together individuals from all across our community.”

By its terms, the logging of the 20 acres of natural forest will not go forward. The County does not agree to abandon the idea of logging in Kanipe, but has signed off on not doing so until other options have been “considered and exhausted.”

Challenges lie ahead. We need to be vigilant in noting what Douglas County is doing in Kanipe Park; what its long range management plan (yet to be developed) entails; and how well it’s succeeding in protecting and enhancing the Park.

We may have to fight future battles against clear-cut logging.  But this success has strengthened our trust in the public process and in the power of citizens to influence their government to do the right thing (or at least what we view as the right course of action), and that is a good feeling.

If you wish to join in the effort, please contribute whatever is comfortable by writing a check to “Friends of Mildred Kanipe Memorial Park Association, Inc.” and mail to P.O. Box 105, Umpqua, OR 97486, or use PayPal via the website. Thank you!

Announced April 27, 2014


The Friends of Mildred Kanipe Memorial Park Association, Inc., in a little less than 12 weeks has reached its fund raising goal of $65,000 to help build an equestrian and non-equestrian campground project in the Park.

In January, Douglas County officials proposed a 20 acre clear cut in the Park to raise an estimated $150,000 for the project.  Citizens and organizations asked the Douglas County Commissioners to let Friends of Mildred Kanipe raise private funds to avoid the logging.  The Commissioners agreed, and gave Friends of Mildred Kanipe six months to raise $65,000 to be matched with additional funds for the project, including $65,000 from the Mildred Kanipe Trust.

“We are so grateful to every donor, large and small, from individual citizens, businesses, foundations, trusts, and civic organizations throughout Douglas County and beyond, for helping to meet this goal in such a short time,” said Karen Roberson, Founding Board Member.  She also pointed out “This campground will help make Douglas County a recreational destination, and help attract tourism dollars to our economy.” 

Another Founding Board Member, Debra Gray, expressed her gratitude “for the generosity and  leadership from individuals, businesses, foundations and civic organizations in a project that has forged a strong working relationship and participation in our community’s decision making process to help enhance a diversified economy.” 


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